Institute of Molecular Functional Materials is dedicated to bring together inter-institutional efforts from the area of synthetic, polymer, material and physical chemistry, and interdisciplinary expertise through national/international collaboration in physics and device engineering towards developing an international eminent research centre in the area of molecular functional materials. In addition, the Institute aims to address some of the grand challenges in energy-related issues with particular emphasis on the fundamental study and understanding from the chemistry perspectives and to provide a forum for exchanges, which may serve as a spawning ground for technology transfer to empower local/regional industries to develop high-technology.


  • To forge a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary collaborative team on molecular functional materials research.

  • To strategically develop research on molecular functional materials through collaborative interactions and strategic alliance with regional/international research groups.

  • To generate new knowledge in the chemistry and functional properties of innovative molecular materials with potential practical applications to address some of the grand challenges in energy-related issues.

  • To invent new patentable materials to assist high-technology development.

  • To educate students in the science and technology of molecular materials and their relevance to energy and the environment.

  • To disseminate the most recent discoveries and their implications to the scientific community, and to advance the public understanding of science and technology and how chemistry can contribute to the society.


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