We are a young research group at the University of Hong Kong. Our interest is in supramolecular chemistry and molecular recognition. Please visit the Research page for more information about our chemistry. Interested students are welcome to enquire available positions and discuss possible projects.  See more.


23 Jan 2019



28 Dec 2018



17 Dec 2018


- Positions as Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Researcher are available. Please contact Dr. Au-Yeung for application and enquiry. More information are available on this page.


- A paper entitled "AQAMAN, a bisamidine-based inhibitor of toxic protein inclusions in neurons, ameliorates cytotoxicity in polyglutamine disease models" was published in J. Biol. Chem.


- A review entitled "Molecular Links and Knots from Naphthalenediimide: A Balance of Weak Interactions" was published in Chem. Asian J.


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