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  Research Supervisors List by Research Area
Analytical Chemistry:

Chan, Wing-Tat (Analytical atomic spectroscopy and mass spectrometry)
Cheung, Allan S. C. (Laser spectroscopy)
Chu, Ivan K. (Biological mass spectrometry)
Li, Xiang David (Biological mass spectrometry)
Ng, Kwan-ming (Fundamental and Analytical Mass Spectrometry, Direct Sample Analysis, Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Traditional Chinese Medicine Analysis)
Phillips, David L. (Raman spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy)
Sun, Hongzhe (Biological NMR spectroscopy)

Chemical Biology and Biochemistry:

Au-yueng, Ho Yu (Chemical probes development)
Che, Chi-ming (Anti-cancer gold/platinum medicines, luminescent molecular probes, non-toxic natural products from Chinese Medicines, proteomics and drug targets, nano-formulation and drug delivery)
Chiu, Pauline (Chemical biology of bioactive natural products)
Li, Xiang David (Posttranslational modifications, protein-protein interactions)
Li, Xiaoyu (Chemical genetics, drug discovery, target identification)
Li, Xuechen (Chemical glycobiology)
Sun, Hongzhe (Inorganic structural biology, metallomics, metalloproteomics)
Yang, Dan (Synthetic ion channels, peptide mimics, fluorescent sensors, natural products as probes for biological mechanisms)
Zhou, Cong-Ying (Bioconjugation of peptide and protein, selective modification of natural products and bioactive molecules)

Inorganic Chemistry:

Au-yueng, Ho Yu (Supramolecular assembly, molecular recognition)
Che, Chi-ming (Bioinorganic chemistry, phosphorescent meal complexes with Long-lived emissive excited states, photo-redox catalysis, metal-ligand multiple bonded complexes)
Chiu, Pauline (Organometallics and metal-catalysis for synthesis)
Huang, Jiesheng (Inorganic and organometallic synthesis, metal-catalysis)
Sun, Hongzhe (Inorganic structural biology, metallomics and metalloproteomics)
Yam, Vivian W. W. (Inorganic and organometallic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry)

Material Science:

Che, Chi-ming (Phosphorescent molecular materials, self-assembled nanostructured materials and coordination polymers)
Chan, Wai-Kin (Polymer synthesis, opto-electronic device fabrication)
Chan, Kwong-Yu (Porous Materials, Electrodes and Membranes, Fuel Cells and Batteries)
Chan, Maggie M. Y. (Organic light-emitting and photovoltaic devices)
Li, Chi-Ying Vanessa (Nanomaterials for batteries and energy storage)
Tang, Jinyao (Nanomaterial and nanodevice design and fabrication)
Yam, Vivian W. W. (Functional and luminescent materials, photophysics)
Wang, Yufeng (Soft materials, polymer and colloid chemistry, directed self-assembly)

Organic Chemistry:

Che, Chi-ming (Synthetic chemistry, metal-catalyzed organic reactions, C-H bond functionalization)
Chiu, Pauline (Synthetic methodology, total synthesis of natural products, medicinal chemistry)
Li, Xiang David (Unnatural amino acid and peptide synthesis)
Li, Xiaoyu (Nucleic acid chemistry, medicinal chemistry)
Li, Xuechen (Peptide and oligosaccharide synthesis, medicinal chemistry)
Toy, Patrick H. (Polymer-assisted synthesis, organocatalysis, and natural product synthesis)
Yang, Dan (Synthetic methodology, total synthesis of natural products, medicinal chemistry)
Zhou, Cong-Ying (Transition metal catalysis, total synthesis of natural products)

Physical Chemistry:

Chan, Kwong-Yu (Electrochemistry, Interfacial Science, Molecular Simulation)
Chen, Guanhua (Computational Chemistry, computer simulations)
Cheung, Allan S. C. (Laser spectroscopy, atmospheric chemistry)
Chu, Ivan K. (Gas-phase chemistry, fundamental mass spectrometry)
Li, Chi-Ying Vanessa (Electrochemistry; In situ electrochemical analysis techniques)
Phillips, David L. (Raman spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy)
Yang, Jun (Quantum chemistry, electronic structure theory and applications)
Wang, Yufeng (Colloids and surface science, polymer physics)

  Research Supervisors List by Alphabetical Order


Au-yueng, Ho Yu (Chemical Biology and Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry)
Chan, Kwong-Yu (Physical Chemistry, Materials Science)
Chan, Maggie M. Y. (Materials Science)
Chan, Wai-Kin (Materials Science)
Chan, Wing-Tat (Analytical Chemistry)
Che, Chi-ming (Chemical biology and biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science, Organic chemistry)
Chen, Guanhua (Physical Chemistry)
Cheung, Allan S. C. (Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry)
Chiu, Pauline (Chemical biology and biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)
Chu, Ivan K. (Analytical Chemistry, Physical chemistry)
Huang, Jiesheng (Inorganic chemistry)
Li, Chi-Ying Vanessa (Materials science, Physical chemistry)
Li, Xiang David (Chemical biology and biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Analytical Chemistry)
Li, Xiaoyu (Chemical biology and biochemistry, Organic chemistry)
Li, Xuechen (Chemical biology and biochemistry, Organic chemistry)
Ng, Kwan-ming (Analytical chemistry)
Phillips, David L. (Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry)
Sun, Hongzhe (Analytical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Chemical biology and biochemistry)
Tang, Jinyao (Materials science)
Toy, Patrick H. (Organic chemistry)
Wang, Yufeng (Materials Science, Physical Chemistry)
Yam, Vivian W. W. (Inorganic chemistry, Materials science)
Yang, Dan (Organic chemistry, Chemical biology and biochemistry)
Yang, Jun (Physical Chemistry)
Zhou, Cong-Ying(Organic chemistry,Chemical biology and biochemistry)

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