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Academic Staff Members Office Location Email Address
Head of the Department
Zhou Guangzhao Professorship in Natural Sciences
  Professor Chi-Ming CHE   CYM G01C/505
Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy
  Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM   CYM 504
Morningside Professor in Chemical Biology
  Professor Dan YANG   CYM 605
Chair Professors
  Professor David Lee PHILLIPS   CYM 401
  Professor Hongzhe SUN   CYM 304
Distinguished Professors
  Prof. M.A. RATNER
  Professor Kwong-Yu CHAN   CYM 501
  Professor Wai-Kin CHAN   CYM 403
  Professor Guanhua CHEN   CYM 601
  Professor Allan Shi-Chung CHEUNG   HOC 105
  Professor Pauline CHIU   CYM 604
  Professor Xuechen LI   CYM 603
Associate Professors
  Dr. Wing-Tat CHAN   CYM 305
  Dr. Ivan Keung CHU   CYM 502
  Dr. Xiang David LI   KA 8N-12
  Dr. Xiaoyu LI   KA 8N-22
  Dr. Jinyao TANG   KA 8N-20
  Dr. Patrick-Henry TOY   CYM 404
Assistant Professors
  Dr. Ho Yu AU-YEUNG   CYM 503
  Dr. Kwan Ming Ng   CYM 402
  Dr. Edmund Chun Ming TSE   HOC 406
  Dr. Yufeng WANG   HOC 408
  Dr. Jun YANG   HOC 409
  Dr. Angela Pui-Ling TONG   CYM 602
  Dr. Angela Mai-Yan YUEN   HOC 407

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