Area of Excellence Institute of Molecular Technology for Drug Discovery and Sysnthesis

Research Content

Inter-disciplinary and/or inter-institutional AoE Projects

No. Project Title Name of investigators
1 Gold(III) Porphyrins as a New Class of Pro-apoptotic Agents for Cancer Chemotherapy: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study W. Y. Yu (HKU), Marie C.-M. Lin (HKU), J.-F. Chiu (HKU), H.-F. Kung (HKU), C.-M. Che (HKU), H.-Z. Sun (HKU) and M. Yang (CiyU)
2 Gold(III) Porphyrin Exerts Anticancer Activity in a Mode Different from Cisplatin J.-F. Chiu (HKU), Q.-Y. He (HKU) and C.-M. Che (HKU)
3 Anticancer Properties of Platinum, Iron and Ruthenium Complexes: Interaction with DNA and Apoptosis Studies Ella L.-M. Wong (HKU), M. Yang (CityU), Edmond D.-L. Ma (HKU), C.-M. Che (HKU), J.-F. Chiu (HKU), C.-W. Tsang (PolyU), H.-Z. Sun (HKU) and W.-Y. Yu (HKU)
4 Inorganic Medicines H.-Z. Sun (HKU), Q.-Y. He (HKU) and Larry M.-C. Chow (PolyU)
5 Towards Practical Metalloporphyrin Catalysts for Organic Synthesis J.-L. Zhang (HKU), C.-K. Chang (HKUST), M.-K. Wong (HKU), W.-Y. Yu (HKU) and C.-M. Che (HKU)
6 Chiral Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis Albert S.-C. Chan (PolyU), H.-L. Kwong (CityU), C.-K. Choi (PolyU), W.-H. Leung (HKUST), W.-M. Dai (HKUST) Richard K. Haynes (HKUST), K.-S. Chan (CUHK), H.-F. Chow (CUHK) and G.-C. Jia (HKUST)
7 Ruthenium and Rhodium Catalysts for Drug Synthesis C.-M. Che (HKU), H.-L. Kwong (CityU) and Albert S.-C. Chan (PolyU)
8 The Synthesis of New Chiral Ligands with Carbon-, Phosphorus-, and Planar- Chirality Derived from Ferrocene X. Jia (PolyU), X.-S. Li (PolyU), G. Lu (PolyU), Albert S.-C. Chan (PolyU) and C.-M. Che (HKU)
9 Modified Beta-Lactamases as Biosensors for Beta-Lactam Antibiotics and Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors K.-Y. Wong (PolyU), Y.-C. Leung (PolyU) and C.-W. Tsang (PolyU)
10 Polysaccharides-based Metal Compounds as New Class of Biosensors and Inorganic Medicines Z.-Q. Yang (SIOC), K. Yan (HKU), C.-M. Che (HKU), J.-F. Chiu (HKU), H.-Z. Hui (SIRC/TCM)
11 Luminescent Metal Complexes as Labels for Biomolecules and Candidates for Photodynamic Therapy Vivian W.-W. Yam (HKU), Ben C.-B. Ko (HKU) and K.-Y. Wong (PolyU)
12 Synthesis and Biological Activities of Natural Products H. N.-C. Wong (CUHK), Larry M.-C. Chow (PolyU), Albert W.-M. Lee (BaptistU), C.-M. Che (HKU), B. Yu (SIOC), Ricky Y.-K. Man (HKU) M.-K. Wong (HKU) and W.-H. Chan (BaptistU)
13 Chemical Biology of Pseudolaric Acid Pauline Chiu (HKU) and Ben C.-B. Ko (HKU)
14 Discovery of Neuroprotective Drug from Anti-aging Chinese Medicine Raymond C. C. Chang (HKU), K.-F. So (HKU), W.-H. Yuen (HKU) and C.-W. Tsang (PolyU)
15 Synthetic Flavonoid Modulators of Multidrug Resistance: New Agents for Antimicrobial and Anticancer Chemotherapy T.-H. Chan (PolyU), Larry M.-C. Chow (PolyU)
16 Exploration of Natural and Synthetic Compounds as Novel Anti-cancer Agents Albert S.-C. Chan (PolyU), E. C.-H. Chui (PolyU), J. C.-O. Tang (PolyU), W.-S. Lam (PolyU), Stanton H.-L. Kok (PolyU), Ben C.-B. Ko (HKU), C.-M.Che (HKU), J.-L. Zhou (Zhongshan U), J.-W. Yuan (Zhongshan U), Y. Lu (Zhongshan U), H.-Q. Wu (Zhongshan U), Z.-S. Huang (Zhongshan U) and L.-Q. Gu (Zhongshan U)
17 Platform Technology for Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery C.-W. Tsang (PolyU), Annie F.-M. Siu (HKU), Q.-Y. He (HKU) and I. K. Chu (HKU)
18 Biological Oxidations in Drug Discovery X.-Y. Li (HKUST), Charles C.-Y. Wang (HKU), C.-K. Chang (HKUST)
19 Medicines for SARS H.-F. Kung (HKU), Q.-Y. He (HKU), H.-Z. Sun (HKU), and Marie C. M. Lin (HKU)
20 Novel Gadolinium(III) Polyaminocarboxylate Macrocyclic Complexes as Potential Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents W.-T. Wong (HKU) and Kannie W.-Y. Chan (HKU)