Area of Excellence Institute of Molecular Technology for Drug Discovery and Sysnthesis


Management Structure

A. S.-C. Chan

Deputy Director:
V. W.-W. Yam

Executive Management Committee (EMC)

C.-M. Che

A. S.-C. Chan (ex-officio), T.-H. Chan, Y.-H. Cheng, R. K. Haynes, Y.-Z. Hui, H.-F. Kung, R. Y.-K. Man, H. N.-C. Wong and V. W.-W. Yam (ex-officio)

International Advisory Board (IAB)

H.-W. Liu

B. Ager, J. Baldwin, S. I. Chan, H. Chan, M. Doyle, S. J. Lippard, R. Noyori, S. Pestka, J. Rebek, Jr, M. Reetz and C.-H. Wong

Open Laboratory of Chemical Biology

Convener: C.-M. Che

C.-K. Chang, P. Chiu, I. K. Chu, S. S.-M. Chung, J.-F. Chiu, Q.-Y. He, C.-B. Ko, H.-F. Kung, T.-C. Lau, X.-Y. Li, C. C.-Y. Wang, M. C.-M. Lin, H.-Z. Sun, W.-T. Wong, V. W.-W. Yam, M. Yang, W.-Y. Yu

Central Laboratory

Convener: H. N.-C. Wong

R. Y.-K. Man, W.-H. Chan, W. W.-L. Chan, R. C. C. Chang, F.-T. Chau, L. M.-C. Chow, Y.-Z. Hui, C. K.-W. Huie, A. W.-M. Lee, Y.-C. Leung, K.-F. So, S. W. Tsao, C.-W. Tsang, K.-Y. Wong, M.-S. Wong, Y.-C. Wong, C.-H. Yeung, B. Yu

Open Laboratory of Chirotechnology

Convener: A. S.-C. Chan

K.-S. Chan, T. H. Chan, M. K. Cheung, C. K. Choi, H.-F. Chow, W.-M. Dai, R. K. Haynes, G.-C. Jia, H.-L. Kwong, W.-H. Leung, P. Li, Z.-Y. Lin, B.-Z. Tang, J. Y. Wu, Y.-D. Wu, Tao Ye, P. Yu