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Academic Staff Members Office Location Email Address
Head of the Department
Zhou Guangzhao Professorship in Natural Sciences
  Professor Chi-Ming CHE   CYM G01C/505
Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy
  Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM   CYM 504
Morningside Professor in Chemical Biology
  Professor Dan YANG   CYM 605
Chair Professors
  Professor David Lee PHILLIPS   CYM 401
Distinguished Professors
  Prof. M.A. RATNER
  Professor Kwong-Yu CHAN   CYM 501
  Professor Wai-Kin CHAN   CYM 403
  Professor Guanhua CHEN   CYM 601
  Professor Allan Shi-Chung CHEUNG   CYM 405
  Professor Pauline CHIU   CYM 604
  Professor Xuechen LI   CYM 603
  Professor Hongzhe SUN   CYM 304
Associate Professors
  Dr. Wing-Tat CHAN   CYM 305
  Dr. Ivan Keung CHU   CYM 502
  Dr. Xiang David LI   KA 8N-12
  Dr. Xiaoyu LI   KA 8N-22
  Dr. Jinyao TANG   KA 8N-20
  Dr. Patrick-Henry TOY   CYM 404
Assistant Professors
  Dr. Ho Yu AU-YEUNG   CYM 503
  Dr. Kwan Ming Ng   CYM 402
  Dr. Yufeng WANG   HOC 408
  Dr. Jun YANG   HOC 409
  Dr. Angela Pui-Ling TONG   CYM 602
  Dr. Angela Mai-Yan YUEN   HOC 407

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