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2015 - 2016 Timetable (Semester 1)

2015 - 2016 Timetable (Semester 2)

Course Selection Advisors (2015-2016)

Office Hours for Student Consultation (2015 - 2016)(To be available)

HKU "RSC Accredited Chemistry Programme (144 credits)" - applicable to 2015-16 cohort

Requirements for Major in Chemistry
  1. 2015-2016 (4-year)
  2. 2014-2015 (4-year)
  3. 2013-2014 (4-year)
  4. 2012-2013 (4-year)
For students admitted in 2014 and before, please read this for the change of CHEM Courses in 2015-16 for your better planning in course selection (message posted on 31 July 2015)

Requirements for Minor in Chemistry
  1. 2015-2016 (4-year)
  2. 2014-2015 (4-year)
  3. 2013-2014 (4-year)
  4. 2012-2013 (4-year)
Turnitin (For CHEM3105)

Course Descriptions(2015-16, 4-year)

(Please note that some courses may not be on offer in 2015-16.)

Course list
CHEM1041 CHEM1042 CHEM1043 CHEM2241 CHEM2341
CHEM2441 CHEM2442 CHEM2443 CHEM2541 CHEM3141
CHEM3142 CHEM3143 CHEM3146 CHEM3241 CHEM3242
CHEM3243 CHEM3244 CHEM3341 CHEM3342 CHEM3441
CHEM3442 CHEM3443 CHEM3541 CHEM3542 CHEM3999
CHEM4142 CHEM4143 CHEM4144 CHEM4145 CHEM4241
CHEM4242 CHEM4341 CHEM4342 CHEM4441 CHEM4443
CHEM4444 CHEM4543 CHEM4910 CHEM4911 CHEM4966

Career prospects for graduates
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